Finding my perfect shot

The perfect shot is a series focused on inspiring riders through powerful storytelling, sending a call to action for bikers everywhere to share their own perfect shots, promoting the beauty of bike travel.

Episode 1

Hailey Langland


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Riding bikes is a way for me to find new lines, and to think outside of the box I love it when I can recreate the feeling of a smooth ride on my bike, as to making turns down a steep powder run

For Hailey Langland, the relationship she has with her father shaped her career and the passions that keep her motivated. The images in the past remind her why she holds these sports so close to her heart. Her quest for the next Perfect Shot continues.


Mountain biking and snowboarding are pretty similar, whenever I can ride a berm really fast it makes me feel like I just did a turn in pow.

— Hailey

Hailey Langland equipped with occam

Do your friends ask if you intend to ride the chairlift when you invite them out for a ‘few’ park laps? Do your top routes frequently involve pushing up and down trails that aren’t on any map? Do your favorite rides begin or end with headlamps, an ice chest and great friends? Does your bike have to do everything well to get you there and back again? If you think you might be this rider, then Occam should be your bike.

1 The My perfect shot Promotion will run from September 2nd, 2022, to January 31st, 2023. This Promotion is valid in the USA and Canada. Episode I of My perfect shot will run from September 2nd, 2022, to October 5th, 2022, and during this time will be giving access to My Perfect Shot Promotion. See the legal terms for complete details