The future starts today

Pushing to the limit, in the toughest competitions, building knowledge and developing future solutions.

See the OOLab team’s pursuit of the ebikes of the future

Giving every last drop at WES

Pushing products beyond their limits is the best way to improve them. That's why we leave it all out there* on the demanding WES circuit.

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Deepening our understanding and working to create tomorrow's ebikes. To be ready for the future we need to start today.



This is where the magic happens. Where our passionate engineers come together with skilled riders and partners who share our vision of the ebike of the future.



Pushing Performance Limits

Rise´s versatility and the cutting edge shifiting and motors from Shimano gives us the perfect development tool. Working with OQUO means including new wheel technology in the process from the start. The hours of testing and riding also give the perfect opportunity to test the latest materials and clothing with HIRU.

Discover Rise


Geometry and rigidity.


Building better batteries.


New motors and tunes.

Rise scored a first in one of the most important tests in the industry, “Best Buy” by Enduro Mountain Magazine showing its chops on both the climbs and descents. A great value for an all-around mountain bike that is not only fierce but totally fun!

Developing the ebike of the future

The goal is simple. To take ebike technology to the extreme, improve our knowledge and continue to push the limits of ebike performance.


Our experience tuning the EP8 motor on Rise will be useful for testing and developing new motors in partnership with Shimano.


Rise uses Orbea´s battery design and the OOLab team will be helping to develop the batteries of the future.


Rise´s SBS design gives us freedom to tune frame geometry and rigidity.

Auto Shift and Free shift

Deore XT Di2: The most advanced shifting technology.

Development partners

Electric Bike Solutions

Developing future motors, creating cleverer control systems and improving shifting technology.



The Best Bikes Deserve The Best Wheels

Real World testing is a critical part of any wheel. In these races we push our wheels in ways that normal riders never will.

High Performance Clothing

Developing new designs, testing high performance materials to get that competitive edge.



The Squad

OOLab brings together an exclusive team of engineers from Shimano, Orbea, Oquo and HIRU as well as a dedicated communication team to share the stories. Of course to push the limits we need the best testers, riders who can shred hard and explain how it feels afterwards.

Damien and Gabi have raced at the top level and bring a wealth of experience to our team. Their feel for how a bike performs and their ability to communicate this to the designers and engineers is a key part of this project.

Damien Ottom


Gabi Torralba

Cross Country

Geoff is a freeride legend, just as happy dropping cliffs as testing new technologies.

Geoff will be helping us push things to the limits, riding the gnarliest trails all year round.


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