The New Orbea Factory Team Sets Its Sights On The Top

A new era for the Orbea Factory Team starts now, with new riders and an expanded race calendar taking in the most demanding races worldwide. The team’s ambition is clear: to compete at the highest level on the XC world circuit.


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Very shortly we will be releasing the kit and colorschemes that the team will be racing with.

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More Exciting And Closer Than Ever

XC is changing, with more spectacular races, extra television coverage, and tighter competition than ever before. We are striving to be the best team on the XC circuit. That means racing for the top positions, but it also means sharing the best stories and developing the best products.

Racing is in our DNA

Orbea has competition in our DNA. We have tested ourselves in the fires of competition at the highest levels since the first bike rolled out of our factory in the 1930s. Orbea bikes have taken riders to the top of the podium of the most demanding XC circuit many times over the years.

Competition drives innovation

More races and higher levels of competition mean that our racers demand more from their equipment. We are excited about this challenge and will work closely with our OOLabs project to develop and test new technologies for the next generation of bikes.

Stories are for sharing

It is clear. The OFT is going racing at the highest level and with the grandest ambitions. We want to take you along on the journey, and we will share our stories and experiences along the way. Or come and say hello at the races; we will be delighted to meet you.

Ride, Fight, Win and Share

The road to success is long and paved with difficulties, and we are excited to embark on the journey with the new Orbea Factory Team.

Aim for the Top

Our young, talented riders are determined, ambitious, and ready to take on the most prestigious XC races.

* * * *

I would love to experience the joy of finishing on the podium of a world cup again.

Pierre De Froidmont

* * * *

I am aiming to reach my peak performances during the World Championships in Glasgow.

Anne Tauber

* * * *

For me the category jump to Elite is a new challenge, but I am very excited.

David Campos

* * * *

In 2008 I saw Julien Absalon on TV winning the Olympic Games... that day I said to myself: I want to be like Julien.

Luca Martin

Closer than Ever

These dedicated storytellers bring a wealth of race experience. They will be competing and helping to share the team's stories.

* * * *

We will seek new challenges and new objectives, but always be rooted in reality.

Ibon Zugasti

* * * *

I'll set new challenges for myself, but we've the opportunity to tell awesome stories with the team.

Arnaud Jouffroy

* * * *

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The Support Crew

The team are here to make sure everything runs smoothly, bikes are ready, riders are prepared and all the adventures are captured ready for sharing.

Pirerre Lebreton

* * * *

Team Manager

Jernej Sobocan

* * * *

Head Mechanic

Allan Cadet

* * * *


Jean-Yves Roussel

* * * *


To the Limit

The team will push their bikes and equipment to the limit in their quest for success. ALMA and OIZ have proven themselves in the highest levels of competition many times, and we are confident they are ready for this new challenge.

Trusted Partners and the Best Equipment

You can have no weak links at this level of racing, and we have selected the best partners to support the Orbea Factory Team.

Shimano brakes and drivetrains offer the mix of performance and reliability needed to compete at this level. Fox suspension and OQUO wheels bring the most advanced technology to the team, while HIRU and MET make sure that all the clothing and protection are ready for the top.


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