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Long Live Orca Aero

It's hard to beat the sensation of power that comes from a great aero bike. Long live the bike that balances the emotional and rational desires inside each of us – Long live Orca Aero.

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Perfect Balance


Aligning the frame with the airflow, optimising cross-sections, smoothing transitions and a myriad of other improvements mean a big reduction in drag.


Faster at 40Kmph


Faster at 50Kmph


A frame which is stiff in the right places means no twist, no flex, just direct power transmission to the rear wheel. Your power converted to speed.


Power transmission

With added aero


Can you stay off the brakes, lean the bike into the turn and trust it? That is great handling and it comes from great geometry.

More responsive

Shorter wheelbase and chain stays

Improve control

Size specific trail

More stability

Lower stack bigger bb drop


Steering away from a fully integrated cockpit gives massive ergonomic gains for very little compromise. Rotate your bars, change stem lengths or change handlebar widths to get the perfect position, improve aerodynamics and reduce fatigue.


Handlebar rotation

4 sizes

OC Aero handlebar

7 sizes

OC ICR stem

Purchase your personalized Orca Aero

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Buy a personalized Orca Aero and you could receive one of 250 exclusive HIRU jerseys personalized with your name. To do this, simply personalize your Aero, buy it at your favorite store or at orbea.com and be one of the first 250 customers to register your bike. Enjoy this unique opportunity!"

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