All trails connect us

Every trail is a collection of stories, from the first person to think “I wonder what’s over there?” to the pioneers who first rode it. After that, each and every one of us adds our own story when we ride.

Stories of friendship and stoke, of solitude and escape. With this, a trail grows – it becomes more than a simple route between places – and it represents a gathered history of those that have been before.

Some tales run a little deeper. We are all guilty of sometimes forgetting the origins of a trail, as we get lost in the simple art of having fun. It pays to take a step back every now and then listen to the anecdotes of others. By doing so we become more connected – not just to the trail, but to each other.

Trail Tales seeks to share some of these stories to a wider audience. Each story has its own flow. Some are older than living memory.

Others are still being made. Trail Tales aren’t just about the riding or even about the trail itself. They are about the individuals and communities, the emotions and of course, the riding.

Together we will travel the globe. We will follow in the tracks of the pioneers of off-road riding.

We’ll hike to Pyrenean summits and discover lost villages. We will hear from the first riders to shape trails purpose-built for riding. Trail Tales is a ride through history and a glimpse of how mountain biking will shape our future.

Exclusive contents

Trail Tales consists of a series of exclusive contents that we'll offer every so often. If you want to have access to them before anyone else, register so we can let you know.