Urrun — Orbea


New e-mountain bike

Urrun means Far in the Basque language. Urrun is without doubt an ebike to take you far and explore distant horizons but the name holds more significance to us. Urrun is about the long journey we embarked upon with this bike and how far we have come. New technologies and innovative integrations, it is safe to say we are proud to have Urrun in the family.

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Expand your horizons

Life and adventure

The EP8 RS motor from our award-winning Rise offers a new riding experience that enhances the joy of biking with smooth assistance that feels as natural and alive as your own body. This quiet, efficient, and responsive motor, combined with a 120mm fork and trail-ready components, means that Urrun is ready for wherever you want to take it.

Up to 8 hours of riding

Our highly optimised battery allows us to fit more riding into a smaller space, improving aesthetics, increasing performance and reducing weight.

Beautifully integrated

Urrun is as beautiful to look at as it is to ride, thanks to the fully integrated cables, slim tubes and clever frame details. Each weld on the main frame is polished smooth, matching the aesthetics of a monocoque frame but also importantly increasing fatigue resistance at these high stress points.




Smart solutions

The longest adventures

Choose our Range Extender for weekends away, or just really long rides.

Dropper post compatible

Urrun is fully compatible with internally routed dropper posts. Droppers come as standard on some models and are available as an option in others.

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Just for registering your new Urrun, you’ll receive an exclusive 10% discount on the purchase of your RS Range Extender.

Going even further is in your hands!

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