Never the same again

Just like triathlon is a competition of multiple disciplines, Ordu is an elegant blend of aerodynamics, weight, handling and ergonomics. Once you have experienced Ordu’s multiple strengths, it is impossible to feel confident with a lesser machine. For those who aim to be the fastest, most efficient and decorated athletes, Ordu is the future. You and triathlon will never be the same again.

Perfect balance

Historically, considering only the three design factors of aerodynamics, stiffness and weight rarely yeilds dramatic improvement. Big gains in one of the three areas always compromise one or both of the others.

The key to building the best triathlon bike is finding the balance of these targets, and identifying additional performance factors that allow the rider to increase efficiency.


It required more than 2,500 hours of calculations… Analyzing the frame, fork and cockpit assembly and identifying areas to refine and reduce aerodynamic resistance.

We considered the integration of every component — brakes, wheels, bars, seatpost, hydration and storage — so the package is considered as a whole to reduce drag.

Total drag reduction

Headtube, Fork & Handle Bar

At the front of the bike, we’ve reduced the head tube volume by using a hinge fork. The fork profile is smoother, resulting in less airflow pressure and friction on the surface. The base bar is designed in line with the top tube and includes a single front post holding the extensions.

Down Tube & Seat Tube

There are cleaner, single-profile transitions between the head tube and down tube; and the seat tube and seat stays.

The down tube and seat tube have been optimized for 25-28mm tires.

Seat stay drag has been reduced by aligning the tops with the airflow, therefore reducing drag around the rear wheel.

Head Tube & Top Tube

We changed the orientation of some tubes to reduce drag.

By orienting the top tube horizontally, drag is reduced by 1.1%.

The new 72-degree headset angle gives an additional 1.8% reduction.

Down Tube & BB Area

We’ve designed this entire area with consideration for the aerodynamics and functionality of hydration and storage.

The new down tube reduces drag by 1.6%.

The new toolbox design gives an additional 1.3% decrease.


For the first time, we’ve opted to design and integrate our own Orbea handlebar, allowing us to refine the interaction between the frame and fork and design a “front post” mount system for the extensions.

Aerodynamic Improvement
180km 43km/h AVG


We analyzed the areas where large amounts of material were being used for rigidity. By redesigning the shapes, adjusting the laminating process and using the best carbon fiber available, we shaved the weight considerably.

Weight is dictated by the stiffness goals for each size, offering perfect balance of form and materials.

Seat Post
Base bar

While we were tweaking the aerodynamics, we made structural adjustments to meet our goal of having the lightest frame with a perfectly adjusted stiffness for each size.

Weight reduction
180km 2000M


One of the most important points to consider when determining geometry is that the bike must be easy to ride. Going fast isn’t just a byproduct of good aerodynamics, it requires comfortable control over the bike.

Handling improvement
5km 300M


Ordu is designed to fit the widest possible range of riders. The ergonomics are easily modified over a huge range with just a few adjustment points, easily adaptable for any rider or race regulations. It doesn’t matter if you’re very flexible or not…Ordu will meet your needs.


The stack adjustment of the armrest and extension is easy thanks to a Front Post system, which raises the entire assembly using a single column. It’s identical to a seatpost concept.

Base Bar

Ordu’s base bar can be flipped, giving two brake lever height positions (a difference of 30mm).

Front Post

XS and SM use a 150mm front post offering a 90mm stack range, and ML and XL sizes use a 200 mm front post with a stack range of 140mm.

Adjustment is easy via two screws located at the front of the handlebar.


Ordu has the widest ergonomic range with the easiest adjustment systems. With only four actuation points, it’s easy to adjust the most important dimensions of the cockpit. That means you’ll only need to loosen a few screws to pack Ordu for travel.


The extensions and armrests have a wide adjustment range.


The two bridge positions have 120mm of horizontal adjustability for armrests and extensions.
Bridge tilt is also adjustable by 15 degrees.


The seatpost is designed with a rail that lets you bolt the seat clamp at three points, providing a 100mm range. Combined with a reversible clamp, you’ll find the largest saddle position range to date.

This big range of adjustability doesn’t only offer precise positioning, it results in better overall performance.

Perfect BalanceMaximum Performance

By taking a different design approach, individually improving multiple factors and combining them into Ordu OMX, we’ve carved out 5 extra watts…which in Kona, means reducing the best split by more than one minute.

Tech features

The new Ordu is for the serious triathlete looking to upgrade an existing bike to something faster and more ergonomic with more integration and lower weight.

Ordu is also the choice of elite or professional road racers who need a UCI-legal time trial bike. Ordu is the racing platform of many Orbea-sponsored teams, and of course our Orbea Pro Triathletes, Fundacion Euskadi and Ceratizit - WNT Team riders.

Choose yours

Ordu OMX



New personalization options will take your Ordu OMX frame to the next level. Several unique design scheme are available, with a fourth finish option - Matte/Gloss.

Of course there are tens of thousands of color combinations at your fingertips through MyO, ensuring each Ordu OMX can be personalized to your taste.