Discover raw carbon

Introducing the new Carbon View finish, available for Orbea’s most exclusive models. Now when you design your new Oiz, Alma, Orca OMX or Rise, you can choose the lightest and most dramatic finish.

Carbon is synonymous with our obsession with weight and aesthetic.

Our expertise on this material allows us to design the lightest frames on the market and offers you more options to personalize a unique bike that’s now lighter than ever.

The translucent ‘raw carbon’ finish allows the beautiful organic structure of the unidirectional fibers to show through.

It´s unique

The luster of the carbon changes with the light and offers a truly exotic look. While each of these frames uses the same top-quality materials, laser cut prepreg patterns and intricate layup process, no two will appear exactly alike.

It´s lighter

By eliminating the color layer, we decrease the thickness of the initial paint treatment and final varnish. This results in a weight savings between 80 and 100 grams, depending on the model.

It´s MyO

Choose between a matte or gloss finish for your bike’s final polish, and pair it with logo decals that complement the aesthetic of your unique design. This new finish is coming to MyO and will augment what is already the most expansive personalization program in the industry.

It´s available

Frames are ready and available to personalize with this new Carbon View finish and the millions of other MyO combinations. Provide us with your details, and we’ll let you know where to find your nearest Orbea dealer that can make your bike dreams come true.